Centres de recherche non francophones

ACSIS — The American Council for the Study of Islamic Societies

Arab and Islamic Studies – University of Exeter

Arab Media Center — University of Westminster

Aram Society For Syro-Mesopotamian Studies

BIPS — British Institute of Persian Studies

BRISMES – British Society for Middle Eastern Studies

Carolina Center for the Study of the Middle East and Muslim Civilizations

Center for Middle Eastern Studies — Université de Lund

Central Eurasia Studies Society (CESS)

CNERU — Cordoba Near Eastern Research Unit

DAVO – Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient

Deutsche Morgenländische Gesellschaft

Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft e.V.

DIRS — Department Islamisch-­‐Religiöse Studien — Université d’Erlangen

Faculty of Oriental Studies — University of Oxford

GIGA – German Institute of Global and Area Studies

Institut Goethe de Ramallah

Institut für Studien der Kultur und Religion des Islam – Goethe Universität

Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

International Institute for islamic Thought

International Society for Iranian Studies

Interuniversity Consortium for Arab and Middle Eastern Studies – McGill University

Khalili Research Centre for the Arts and the Material Culture of the Middle East  — University of Oxford

LIAS – Leiden University Institute for Area Studies – Faculty of Humanities

Max Planck Research Group on Family and Succession Law in Islamic Countries

Melcom International – European Association of Middle East Librarians

Middle East Institute — Université de Singapour

Middle East Programm — Wilson Center

Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies – Association for researchers in the Nordic countries

Orientalisches Seminar — Université de Cologne

OXCIS – Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

Research Unit Intellectual History of the Islamicate World – Institut für Islamwissenschaft Freie Universität Berlin

SESAMO – Società per gli Studi sul Medio Oriente

The Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University

The Middle East Policy Council

The Sociology of Islam and Muslim Societies

ZMO – Zentrum Moderner Orient

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