8th Islamic Archaeology Day 2024 — Institute of Archaeology, Londres, 9 March 2024

The 8th annual Islamic Archaeology Day, co-organised by SOAS and UCL, will be held at the UCL Institute of Archaeology on Saturday 9 March.

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Prof Corisande Fenwick


UCL Institute of Archaeology
31-34 Gordon Square

The purpose of the Islamic Archaeology Day is to provide an opportunity for researchers in this area to come together and encourage collaboration across regional and period boundaries. The workshop provides a snapshot of some of the latest and most exciting research being conducted in Islamic archaeology.

Organisers: Corisande Fenwick (UCL), Hugh Kennedy (SOAS/UCL), Veronica Occari (UCL), Scott Redford (SOAS), Viva Sacco (UCL), Paul Wordsworth (UCL)


Session 1 (Chair: Hugh Kennedy, SOAS/ UCL)

  • 11:00 Welcome & Introduction – Corisande Fenwick (UCL)
  • 11:15 Extraordinary investment: urban infrastructure and religious architecture in the desert town of Dandanakan (Turkmenistan) – Martina Rugiadi (The Met, New York), Paul Wordsworth (UCL), Mukhammed Annaevich Mamedov (National Administration for the Protection, Study, and Restoration of Cultural and Historical Monuments of Turkmenistan), Rejep Jepbarov (State Historical and Cultural Park “Ancient Merv”, Turkmenistan)
  • 11:40 Christian peasants in Al-Andalus: new light on Islamization from Tózar (Granada, Spain) – Luca Mattei (University of Granada)
  • 12:05 Linking settlement patterns and irrigation networks in the Otrar Oasis (Kazakhstan) – Katie Campbell (Cambridge), Serik Akylbek (Otrar State Archaeological Museum), Mark Macklin (Lincoln), Willem Toonen (VU Amsterdam), James Thomas (Lincoln), Davit Naskidashvili (Ghent), Karl Smith (Oxford), Ali Seraliyev (Gumilev Eurasian National University, Astana)
  • 12:30 Archaeology & the Crusades. The Case of Kinet (Turkey) – Scott Redford (SOAS)

1:00 Lunch

Session 2 (Chair: Viva Sacco, UCL)

  • 2:00 Glass in transition: the transformation of the glass economy in Sicily during the Islamic period – Francesca Colangeli (University of Genoa)
  • 2:25 The technology of polychrome glazed ceramics in Ifrīqiya: new data from the Medjerda Valley (Tunisia) – Veronica Occari (UCL), Heike Möller (DAI Berlin), Corisande Fenwick (UCL), Patrick Quinn (UCL), Ian Freestone (UCL), Moheddine Chaouali (Institut National de Patrimoine, Tunis), Philipp von Rummel (DAI Berlin)
  • 2:50 Used and re-used: ceramic repairs on East and Southeast Asian ceramics from Bahrain – Yiying Li (University of Exeter)
  • 3:15 Reflections on glass: the compositions, trade and possible meanings of Islamic glass bangles – Charlotte Nash (University of Kent/ British Museum)

3:45 Tea break

Session 3 (Chair: Scott Redford, SOAS)

  • 4:15 Archaeobotany and agricultural change at Bardha’a (Azerbaijan) – David Stone (The Discovery Programme: Centre for Archaeology and Innovation Ireland)
  • 4:40 The Ottoman ruralscape: new data from Tell Zeyd (Iraq) – Cristina Tonghini (Ca’ Foscari University), Jacopo Boschini (Ca’ Foscari University), Rita Dal Martello (Ca’ Foscari University), Onur Usta (Çanakkale University)
  • 5:05 The last of the Persian Gulf’s sewn boats: recording the survivors of an ancient nautical technology – John P Cooper (University of Exeter), Alessandro Ghidoni (University of Exeter), Shadi Kalantar (University of Naples ‘l’Orientale’) and Chiara Zazzaro (University of Naples ‘l’Orientale’).
  • 5:30 From Ottoman laws to illustrated periodicals: Ottoman responses to the neglect, looting and preservation of Islamic antiquities – (Ozan Huseyin, SOAS)

6-7pm Reception

7:15pm Dinner (for those who have pre-booked)


For reduced early-bird tickets, please register before Sunday 18 February 2024

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