Appel à communications : “Challenges and Ambitions”, The 2nd Saudi Economy Conference, Jeddah (Arabie Saoudite), 22-24/04/2014 — LIMITE : 28/02/2014

The national economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has achieved unprecedented accomplishments not only in the Middle East Region, but also on a global level, especially in recent years, after the Kingdom earned the twentieth richest countries in the world membership, and for the growth, strength and high flexibility achieved by the Saudi economy. This has enabled the Kingdom to overcome the global financial crisis that hit the global economy since 2008, and still the consequences of subsequent economic aftershocks are affecting most of the global economies. This proves the strength of the Saudi economy and its ability to grow and is confirmed by the figures of the State Budget and the surplus achieved over the past years. 

Proceeding from the mission of the Faculty of Economics and Administration in promoting scientific academic research, and serving the community, especially after the great success achieved by the Conference at its first edition held during the period of 7- 9 May 2012, the College launches the second edition of this Conference (National Economy: Challenges and ambitions) during the period of 22- 24 April, 2014. This Conference will discuss several key issues related to the reality and the future of the national economy and its impact on citizens and values, especially with regard to the economic sectors related to service or the direct impact on the citizen. All this will take place within the framework of discussing the challenges and how to achieve the ambitions in this area. For additional information, please visit:

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