Call for papers | DA|AW 2024, 29-31 October 2024, Abu Dhabi — LIMITE : 18/02/2024

The first-ever International Conference on Digital Archiving in the Arab World (DA|AW), held in Abu Dhabi in 2019, organized to spark off a series of conferences on the subject.

At DAAW|2024, we aspire to address it through the more focused standpoint of the digital management and preservation of data and documents, without foregoing a broader reflection, concerning both historical and future documents and data in danger whether physical or natively digital.

The principal objective of DAAW|2024 is to bring together scholars and practitioners for discussions about archiving challenges in the Arab world, hence no discipline or approach is proposed. The questions are broad, and all possible responses are appreciated. Yet, for the purpose of orient submissions, a number of preferred themes are below:

1. Preserving The Past | Heritage at risk
2. Methods, technologies, standards and tools
3. Preservation and access | the role of institutions
4. Big Data
5. Archiving the present| Natively digital objects
6. Blockchain
7. Personal Digital Archives (PDA) into context.
8. Archives and Arts Digitization 
9. Archiving & sustainability

Please Refer to below links, if you would like to read Full CALL FOR PAPER DAAW2024 
English Version 
Arabic Version باللغة العربيه  

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