Call for papers | 34th Exeter Gulf Conference “Lifeworlds of Energy and Environment in the Gulf”, 27-28 June 2024, University of Exeter — LIMITE : 19/01/2024

The University of Exeter’s Centre for Gulf Studies invites papers for the 2024 annual Gulf Conference on the theme of Lifeworlds of Energy and Environment in the Gulf.

The Gulf is at once the site of some of the world’s largest hydrocarbon reservoirs and one of the areas of the planet most exposed to environmental crises. The United Arab Emirate’s presidency of COP28 in 2023, and sustainability as the main theme of the Dubai Expo have brought into stark relief the paradox of dependence on fossil fuels in the economic and political life of the region at exactly the moment of intensification of climate change and environmental degradation.

More than 50% of the world’s known petroleum reserves and more than 40% of the world’s known natural gas reserves are located in the Gulf. At the same time, land erosion, depletion of groundwater, salination of rivers, drought, desiccation of marshlands, sandstorms, surging summer temperatures, and devastation of coastal sabkhas and mangroves are redefining lives and livelihoods in the region. Financialisation of fossil production, increase in the production of plastics and hydrocarbons, and inefective technologies around carbon capture and trade-of coexist only exacerbate the crisis. At the same time, grassroots mobilisation for just transition and environmental causes are taking hold and growing in the region, despite atempts by governments to suppress them. Awareness of fossil entanglements in life, arts, and business spur on political, social, and artistic movements to highlight the efects of climate change.

The 34th Exeter Gulf Conference takes this urgent moment as the starting point to ask new questions about the life worlds of petroleum and ecological crisis in the region (defined broadly to include the Arabian Peninsula, Iran and Iraq):
• In what ways have fossil fuels shaped everyday life in the Gulf?
• How do we understand forms of artistic production, political mobilisation, and labour protests in petroleum producing countries of the region?
• How do we understand the emergence of new energy technologies in a time of transition?
• What is the politics of infrastructure construction and use in times of climate change?
• How does ecological crisis shape gender, class and racial relations?
• How do we understand the relationship between fossil capital and social phenomena such as migration, class formation and urban development inter alia?
• The colonial/imperial histories of fossil fuels and environmental change.

We welcome imaginative, probing and critical examination of the range of issues covered by this title and invite contributions from all humanities and social science disciplines.

How to apply
Interested parties are asked to submit paper proposals (abstracts of 250-300 words), and a full CV including afiliation and contact details, before Friday 19 January 2024 to gulfconference[at]
Candidates whose abstracts are accepted will be notified by Friday 16 February 2024.

Practical Information
All presenters whose papers are accepted for the Conference will have their accommodation arranged and paid for by the organisers, as well as all lunches and the Conference dinner.
Unfortunately, we are unable to cover travel expenses to and from Exeter.
We want to make this Conference as accessible as possible for new parents, so please let us know if you require help with childcare arrangements during the Conference

2024 – V2 Exeter Gulf Conference CfP V2

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