Webinaire “The History of Islamic Collections in the Georgian National Museum, Tbilisi”, Irina Koshoridze — New York and online, 29 November 2023

Irina Koshoridze, Tbilisi State University 

In-Person Event Online Event
6:30pm – 8:30pm


The lecture will focus on the history of collecting Islamic art in Georgia, which started in 1852 when the first museum institution, the Caucasian Museum, was established in Tbilisi. Important collections from almost all periods of Islamic art between the seventh and the twentieth centuries, and from various artistic schools, are preserved in Georgian museums. Their abundance is largely due to Georgia’s centuries-old political and cultural relations with the Islamic world. Among the highlights of the Georgian collections are one of the most extensive collections of Persian oil paintings of the Qajar period, along with unique examples of medieval Islamic ceramics, metalwork, and textiles. The lecture will introduce some of these materials, the circumstances in which they were collected, and discuss a forthcoming new catalogue, which will show highlights of Islamic materials in the collections of the Georgian National Museum.

Irina Koshoridze is Associate Professor at the Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Humanities, Tbilisi State University, where she teaches Islamic art history and museology, and chief Curator of Oriental collections in Georgian National Museum. Prof. Koshoridze is also the former director of the Georgian State Museum of Folk and Applied Arts. Prof. Koshoridze has held a wide range of international fellowships related to the fields of museum management and museum studies, including a Fulbright Scholarship (2000-2001, NYU) and an Open Society Institute’s Faculty Development Fellowship (2006-2009), held in the Department of Art History at NYU. While an OSI fellow, Prof. Koshoridze developed a curriculum in Islamic art for BA degree students and special seminars for M.A. students. As Curator of Oriental art collections in the Georgian National Museum, her research and publications focus on the cultural connections between Georgia and neighboring countries (mostly Iran and Turkey) between the 17th and 19th centuries.


This event will be held in person at NYU in room 222, 20 Cooper Square, NY 10003. In accordance with university regulations, visitors must show a valid government-issued photo ID (children under 18 can provide non-government identification).

Please use the following link to rsvp as an in-person attendee:

This event will also take place as a live webinar at 6:30pm EST (New York Time). To register as an online attendee, please use the following link:

Only registered attendees will be able to access this event via zoom.

Part of the Silsila Fall 2023 Program

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