CEST 2023 Symposium Paris “Party, State and Society in Turkey and Beyond” — Sciences Po Paris, 17-18 November 2023

Sciences Po, 27 rue Saint Guillaume (Nov.17) ; 1 place Saint Thomas (Nov. 18)

Friday, November 17
Sciences Po – Room Goguel – 27 rue Saint Guillaume-  Paris 7 

14:00-15:00: Welcome and Introductory Remarks
Sergei Guriev, Provost, Sciences Po
Kerem Öktem, Chair, CEST
Paul Levin, Director, Institute for Turkish Studies, Stockholm University
Elise Massicard, Convener, Sciences Po-CERI / CNRS

15:00-16:30: Keynote
Emmanuel Szurek, EHESS : What to do with “Kemalism”?

17:00-18:30: Panel 1
The Single Party Regime in Early Turkey: Reconsidering Interplays Between State, Party, Society

Chair : Yavuz Köse, University of Vienna 

How Singular Was the Single-Party Regime? The Role of CHP’s Local Party Branches on the Settlement of Refugees in 1930s Thrace
Burak Başaranlar
, Kadir Has University

The State, Public Enterprises, and Civil Society in the Distribution of the Abandoned Properties During the Early Republican Era
Ali Emre Eldem, Galatasaray University and Duygu Yayla Eldem, Marmara University

State, Party, and Society in the Black Sea Region of Turkey
Cafer Sarıkaya, Boğaziçi University

Discussion: İpek Yosmaoğlu, Northwestern University


Saturday, Nov. 18
Sciences Po -1 place Saint -Thomas d’Aquin – Paris 7 

9:00-10:30: Panel 2

Institutional Dynamics and Single Party Rules
Chair: Kerem Öktem, Ca’ Foscari University

The Reconfiguration of Security Institutions Under Single-Party Regimes in Turkey
Ayfer Genç Yılmaz, Istanbul Ticaret University

The reification of the nation-state and demonisation of decentralisation as means of perpetuating the hegemonic party model in Turkey
Jan Byczkowski, Marmara University

Gone without a Trace? Turkey’s Democrat Party and Its Legacy in the State
Reuben Silverman, Institute for Turkish Studies, Stockholm University

Discussion: Elise Massicard, Research Professor, Sciences Po-CERI/CNRS


—Coffee break—


11:00-12:30: Panel 3

Nationalism and the Potential of Coalition-Building
Chair: Paul Levin, Stockholm University

The implications of the “beka” rhetoric in Turkey’s Syria policy
Solène Poyraz, EHESS

Nationalism as a Game Changer in Turkish Politics: Exploring the Dynamics of JDP-NMP Coalition in Foreign Policy
Mustafa Caner, Sakarya University, and Researcher, SETA

United we stand, divided we fall? Strategies and lessons from the recent Hungarian and Turkish elections
Tamas Dudlak, Eötvös Loránd University of Budapest

Discussion: Kerem Öktem, Ca’ Foscari University

14:30-16:00: Panel 4

Cultural Hegemony and the Public Sphere
Chair: Lea Nocera, Università di Napoli ‘L’Orientale

From Propaganda to Cultural Hegemony: A Comparative Analysis of Theater’s Role in Shaping Political Power in Turkey
Fevzi Can Gürüz, Abdullah Gül University

Reimagining History for Political Endorsement: The Intersection of the Erdogan Administration and Turkish Historical Series
Oğuzhan Dursun, Independent scholar

Unveiling the Power Play: Exploring the Impact of Hegemonic Party and Media Control on Pre-Election Surveys
Sena Türkdoğan, Sabancı University

Discussion: Lucie Drechselova, CETOBAC/EHESS

—Coffee break—

16:30-18:00: Panel 5

Beyond the State: Party and Civil society in Turkey and its Diaspora
Chair: Jenny White, Stockholm University

AKP’s Network Politics: AKP’s Women Actors Operate as Brokers in Politics
Nur Sinem Kılıç, Istanbul Kültür University

‘Party State’ Politics Beyond the Nation State: The Case of Turkey’s AKP in Germany
İnci Öykü Yener-Roderburg, University of Duisburg-Essen and Mahir Tokatlı, RWTH, Aachen University

Civil Society and Competitive Authoritarianism in Diaspora: The Case of AKP in Germany
Batıkan Bulut, Bilkent University

Discussion: Prunelle Aymé, Sciences Po – CERI

18:00 Concluding remarks
Jenny White, Stockholm University

18:30 Concluding panel


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