CEDEJ Khartoum Grant — LIMITE : 01/11/2023



Deadline: November 1st 2023

The French Centre for Economic, Law and Social Studies in Sudan (CEDEJ Khartoum), temporarily relocated to Cairo (Egypt), launches an exceptional call for applications for Research grants for graduate students (PhD and Master students) and researchers who conduct research in the social sciences and humanities on Sudan during the year 2023-2024.
These are residential grants awarded to researchers based in Egypt, without nationality restriction, and who must be able to carry out their research in Egypt.

Priority will be given to research on contemporary Sudan and should suit with at least one of our scientific themes of research:

– Governance, public policy, politics

– City, citizenship, migration and urban environments

– Environment, nature and resource management

Applicants who currently do not have a scholarship with CEDEJ Khartoum have priority.

Grant Information

Grantees will become visiting researchers at CEDEJ Khartoum until the end of 2024. They will be requested to provide a final report (5000 words). They might also be offered the opportunity to present the results of their work during the CEDEJ-Khartoum seminar during the year 2024.

Grants offered are not subject to taxes, and do not include open rights to social security. They are awarded as contributions towards actual research costs.

The scientific interest, feasibility and relevance of the project, the applicant’s ability to implement it, its innovative dimension, the suitability of the budget, co-funding sources, and the academic value (degree, scientific publication, data collection within a larger project…) will be criteria for evaluation and selection of application by a scientific committee.

The amount of the grant is set at 1 000 euros. The grant beneficiary will receive 70% of the grant at the signature of the grant contract. The beneficiary will receive the remaining payment when the final report is submitted to the CEDEJ Khartoum coordinator – Marie BASSI – and after validation by the scientific committee.

How to apply

Applications can be written in French or in English.

Interested applicants will send an email to direction[at]cedejkhartoum.com with the following documents:

– a complete CV

– a cover letter

– a research project (2 pages maximum) indicating briefly how the grant will be used (fieldwork cost, editing and publishing and article, transportation costs…)


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Chargé de diffusion scientifique (2023, 25 octobre). CEDEJ Khartoum Grant — LIMITE : 01/11/2023. IISMM. Consulté le 16 avril 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/q365

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