Morrison, Kenneth & Roberts, Elizabeth, The Sandžak. A History, Londres, Hurst, 2014, 356p.


One of the few remaining unexamined pieces of the Balkan jigsaw, the Sandžak — a multi-ethnic region straddling the border between Serbia and Montenegro — is heir to a complex and contested history. From the emergence and collapse of the first medieval Serbian kingdom, through the Ottoman rule, the Balkan Wars, the First and Second World Wars and the disintegration of Yugoslavia, the history of the Sandžak is one characterised by tumult and flux. Yet despite the ‘Sandžak Question’ being the focus of the Great Powers in the years preceding the First Balkan War, it remains something of a mystery to both scholars and students of European history.

The Sandžak: A History attempts to demystify the enigma of this little-known part of the Western Balkans. The first detailed history of the area in the English language, the book offers an intricate yet succinct analysis of the religious, ethnic and political dynamics that shaped the Sandžak. The authors lead us through conflicting narratives to provide a comprehensive and concise history of this fascinating and complex region.

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