Appel à communications : Panel « Iranian Qajar photographers and their photos from the viewpoint of Visual Anthropology », colloque Colloque « Ethno-photography of/in Iran: Past, Present, and Future », British Museum, Londres, 29-31/05/2014 — LIMITE : 08/01/2014 — LIMITE :

Unlike photographs of nineteenth-century North Africa, Palestine, and the Ottoman Empire, all of which have received considerable attention in scholarly literature, those of Iran are rarely exhibited or mentioned in studies of the early photography or visual historiography of modern Iran.

One of the principal goals of this panel is to highlight the Qajars’ tremendous output and astonishing range of photographs and their role into any visual studies and anthropology of Iran. Photos from this era embrace an almost encyclopaedic range of subjects. These works includes:

– portraiture,

– landscapes,

– domestic life,

– architecture,

– metropolitan and rural scenes,

– court life and

– ceremonies and religious festivals.

These photographs offer a unique window into the now vanished but tumultuous cultural, political, and artistic world of late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century Iran. The other objective of this panel is to situate Qajar photographs within a broader, art-historical/visual studies context by considering them in the light of recent scholarly inquiries into the reception and perception of the New East and its artistic traditions. Qajar photographs, which both support and contradict prevailing notions of ninetieth-century Iran and, by extension, the Near East, significantly enrich this discourse and provide new insight into some of the complexities of Oriental « exoticism ».

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  • Dr. Kayhan Jafar-Shaghaghi, 77/1 Dublin St, Edinburgh, EH3 6NS, Scotland


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