Appel à communications : 1rst International Conference on Islamic E-Learning (ICIE-2014), Islamic College and Middlesex University, London, 26/05/2014 — LIMITE : 15/01/2014

This conference covers all of the Technical, Methodological and Content-related issues within the area of Islamic e-learning.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
– The specific technical features of e-learning settings to meet requirements of the Islamic courses
– The current Islamic e-learning environments and their consistency with e-learning standards
– Formal and vocational programmes in Islamic virtual environments
– Islamic Lectures and e-learning of Islamic higher education
– Students’ behaviour and attitudes with regard to implimetation of e-learning tools and environments
– Cross cultural aspects of e-learning in Islamic programmes
– Ethical issues in Islamic e-learning
– Cooperative learning in Islamic e-learning courses
– Curriculum, Research and Development in designing Islamic e-learning programmes
– Use of e-learning resources for Islamic studies delivery
– Use of different e-learning platforms for online delivery of Islamic courses

Special session
There will be an special session dedicated to Prophet Mohammad (Pbuh)and his portray in the virtual environments.

Abstracts and Full papers should be submitted via electronic online submission system or by sending the word format of the paper to

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