Call for papers McGill Institute of Studies Student Council 10th Annual Symposium, 27-28 April 2023, Montreal — LIMITE : 16/02/2023

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Welcome to the website for the Graduate Student Symposium hosted by the McGill Institute of Islamic Studies Student Council. As an annual event, we hope to create an intellectually engaging environment where junior scholars come together to share research and ideas. The conference is intended as a space where interdisciplinary approaches from the fields of history, literature, political science, religion, anthropology, philosophy, law, and art history may be brought to bear on the study of Islam.

To submit for the 2023 meeting please complete the application form here. You should expect to hear back from the organizers on your application by the first week of March.

We welcome papers that contextualise and explore a range of themes including but not restricted to:

  • Shifts in literary, poetic, philosophical, artistic traditions, and the question of authority and canonicity

  • Evolving perceptions of adab, aḳhlāq, and sharī’a

  • Transformations in Islamicate political ethics, legal forms and methodologies

  • Interrogating the religious and secular divide and its “in-betweens”

  • Manuscript culture(s) and the expansion of print

  • Medicine and narratives of health in Islamicate contexts

  • Networks of circulation, knowledge production, and intellectual exchange across multilingual Islamicate geographies

  • Theories and practices of occultism, astrology, geomancy and science among scholarly and non-scholarly actors

  • Place of multiplicity of beliefs, dissident communities, and minorities in Islamicate civilisations

  • Gender performances, queer expressions, sexualities, and feminisms in Islamicate contexts

  • Changing iconographic traditions and technological innovations in the arena of Islamicate visual culture and architecture

  • Cosmopolitan spirit of the Islamicate as seen through its musical, theatrical and cinematic traditions

  • Islamic economic thought and reception of capitalism among Muslim entrepreneurs

  • Politics of revival and reform as both an individual and institutional endeavour

  • Urbanity, civility and the place of cities in the Islamicate world

  • Tension and collaboration between Islamic nationalism and Islamicate universalism


More information: here

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