Book talk CEDEJ “Researching Education in Egypt” with Linda Herrera and Daniele Cantini — Cairo, 17 January 2023

Researching Education in Egypt
A conversation with Linda Herrera and Daniele Cantini about their books, Educating Egypt (2022) and Bounded Knowledge (2021)

January 17, 2023
4pm-6pm at the CEDEJ

23 Gamal el-Din Abu el-Mahasen
Garden City, Cairo

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Social anthropologists Linda Herrera and Daniele Cantini discuss their recently published books, Educating Egypt and Bounded Knowledge.
In addition to sharing insights from their work, they discuss and invite conversation about the challenges and opportunities inherent in researching and writing about education. This conversation tackles the methodological, political, and ethical challenges of doing research in Egypt, as well as the need for collaborations and the opportunities offered by this field of study.
Both authors advance theories about citizenship, processes of social transformation, and the contested terrain of learning and knowledge production.


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