2nd Annual Khamseen Graduate Student Presentation Award — LIMITE : 01/03/2023

Khamseen: Islamic Art History Online offers short-form presentations and glossary term definitions to support teaching, learning, and research in Islamic art and related fields. Since the website’s launch in Fall 2020, we have regularly added new presentations. Last year, we successfully launched the first annual Khamseen Graduate Student Presentation Award; Sylvia Wu’s winning contribution on the Ashab Mosque in Quanzhou, South China, can be viewed here. While the PhD is a requirement for general submissions, Khamseen’s Graduate Student Presentation Award enables advanced PhD students to feature their expertise and contribute to Khamseen.

We invite PhD candidates (ABD) to submit a polished script of ca. 2,000 words and an accompanying PowerPoint slide show for a 10-12 minute video presentation for the 2nd Annual Khamseen Graduate Student Presentation Award. The winning applicant will work with our team to revise and then record their presentation; the awardee also will receive a $500 honorarium upon their presentation’s launch on the Khamseen website. Applications are due March 1, 2023 and decisions will be announced on April 1, 2023.

Submission Guidelines:

Applications due: March 1, 2023

Notification of decisions: April 1, 2023

Eligibility: PhD candidates (ABD) and advanced PhD students in their third year or above (for doctoral programs without candidacy) enrolled in a degree-granting program in Islamic art and allied fields. We do not accept applications from undergraduate and Masters students.

Application procedures: Candidates should submit a polished script of ca. 2,000 words and an accompanying PowerPoint slide show for a short-form presentation. Additionally, applications should include a 3-5 sentence summary of the presentation, a 2-page CV, and a note of support from a PhD advisor or dissertation committee member.

Please submit materials to TeamKhamseen[at]umich.edu; notes of support by advisors and queries by candidates also should be sent to TeamKhamseen[at]umich.edu.

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