Parution : Rachel Goshgarian, Ilham Khuri-Makdisi, and Ali Yaycioğlu (eds), Crafting History: Essays on the Ottoman World and Beyond in Honor of Cemal Kafadar, Brill, 2022


Crafting History: Essays on the Ottoman World and Beyond in Honor of Cemal Kafadar

Edited by Rachel Goshgarian, Ilham Khuri-Makdisi, and Ali Yaycioğlu



Series: Ottoman and Turkish Studies
ISBN: 9781644698464 (hardback)
Pages: approx. 700 pp.; 44 illus. (color/B&W)
Publication Date: September 20

It would not be an overstatement to say that Cemal Kafadar has transformed the field of Ottoman History. As a result of his path-breaking books and articles, the field is experiencing a turn within itself as well as recasting its relationship with world history. He has trained a plethora of students and shared ideas with many colleagues through collective projects over the last thirty years at Princeton, Harvard and beyond. This volume is a tribute to Cemal Kafadar from us, his students, colleagues and friends, as we hope to participate in this turn, and showcase some of the works he may have formally supervised, casually discussed over tea, and generally inspired over the years.

Rachel Goshgarian is associate professor of history at Lafayette College. She is the coeditor of Architecture and Landscape in Medieval Anatolia, 1100-1500 (2018).

lham Khuri-Makdisi is associate professor of history at Northeastern University. She is the author of The Eastern Mediterranean and the Making of Global Radicalism, 1860-1914 (2010).

Ali Yaycıoğlu is associate professor of history at Stanford University and the author Partners of the Empire: The Crisis of the Ottoman Order in the Age of Revolutions (2016).

Table of Contents


Rachel Goshgarian, Ilham Khuri-Makdisi, and Ali Yaycioğlu 

 Cemal Kafadar, A Çelebi for Our Times

Ahmet Karamustafa  

Cemal Kafadar’s Teaching and Scholarship, 1981-2021


Part One: Texts

1. Narrating Ottoman Politics in the Fifteenth Century: Perspectives from Some Byzantine and Ottoman Histories.
Aslihan Akişik-Karakullukçu and Dimitri Kastritsis

2. Nişancı Mehmed Paşa and His History of the Ottoman House
Himmet Taşkömür and Hüseyin Yilmaz 

3. Book-Picking in a Conquered Citadel
Serpil Bağci and Zeynep Yürekli

4. A Sufi Mirror: Shaykh Alwan al-Hamawi’s (d. 1530) Advice for the Ottoman Ruler
Timothy J. Fitzgerald

5. La Jetée and the Illustrated Ottoman History: An Inquiry into Word, Image, and Audience
Emine Fetvaci

6. How Did Evliya Çelebi Write His Travel Account?
Hakan T. Karateke

7. Book Ownership Across Centuries: The Case of Military Men in Bursa, 1620-1840
Hülya Canbakal, Meredith Quinn, and Derin Terzioğlu

8. Blending Piety and Philology: A Seventeenth-Century Mecmua as the Mirror of Istanbul’s Persianate Urban Milieu
Aslihan Gürbüzel and Ekin Tuşalp Atiyas

9. An Uncanny Discourse on Sex and Marriage from the Early Sixteenth-Century Ottoman Empire
Leyla Kayhan Elbirlik and Selim S. Kuru

Part Two: Lives

10. Uç beys, Dervishes, and Yürüks: The Cultural Politics of the Turahanoğlu of Thessaly
Theoharis Stavrides

11. A Short Account of Long Entanglements: Şeyh Bedreddin, ‘Abdurrahman al-Bistami, and his Durrat taj al-rasa’il
Cornell Fleischer

12. A Tale of Two Boils: Selim I, Melek Aḥmed Pasha, and Changing Perceptions of Medical Practice and Masculinity in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire
H. Erdem Çipa and Jane Hathaway

13. In the Balsam Orchard with Salih Çelebi Celalzade (d. 1565): First-Person Narrative and Knowledge in Ottoman Egypt
Aleksandar Shopov

14. The Eunuch, a Complete Statesman: Functional Historiography in the face of Social and Political Precarity 
Jocelyne Dakhlia

15. Reorientation in Worldviews: Milescu and Cantemir
İsenbike Togan

16. The Hamidian Visual Archive, 1878-1909: A User’s Manual
Ahmet Ersoy and Deniz Türker   

Part Three: Places

17. Ottoman Montology: Hazardous Resourcefulness and Uneasy Symbiosis in a Mountain Empire
Ali Yaycioğlu

18. Ottoman Mountains: Mobility in a Forbidding Environment
Molly Greene

19. A Code(x) of His Own: Deacon Mikayēl, Armeno-Turkish and Creative Conventions of “Collecting” in Seventeenth-Century Kaffa
Rachel Goshgarian  

20. On Self and Empire: A Seventeenth-Century First-Person Narrative from the Mughal Domains
Muzaffar Alam and Sanjay Subrahmanyam

21. Cabinetmaking for the Sultan: Nineteenth-Century Istanbul in the Life Narratives of German-Speaking Journeymen 
Richard Wittmann

22. Conjuring Emotions in Nineteenth-Century Istanbul through the Journalistic Writings of Ahmad Faris Al-Shidyaq (1805-1887) and Basiretçi Ali (1845?–1910)
Ilham Khuri-Makdisi and Asli Niyazioğlu

23. Reşat Ekrem Koçu and İstanbul Ansiklopedisi: Writing on Place
Shirine Hamadeh and Çiğdem Kafesçioğlu

Part Four: Processes

24. Early Modern Reflections on Bayezid II’s Reign
İklil Selçuk and Cihan Yüksel

25. The Ottoman Fleet at the Battle of Mississippi: What Videogames Can Teach Us about History
Giancarlo Casale and Nicolas Trépanier

26. Continuity and Change in the Ottoman Early Modern Era: An Analysis of Adet-i kadime and Hâdis
Özer Ergenç

27. Between Soldier and Civilian: Janissaries in Seventeenth-Century Istanbul and Aleppo
Charles Wilkins and Eunjeong Yi

28. Confessionalization and Religious Nonconformity in the Early Modern Ottoman Empire: The Cases of Kizilbash/Alevi and the Sabbatean Communities
Ayfer Karakaya-Stump and Cengiz Şişman

29. De-ayanization: A Black Hole in Ottoman History 
H. Şükrü Ilicak

30. Bitter Triumph of “the Declined” Dynasty? Notions of Universal Monarchy, Caliphate, and World Religions in Comparisons between Sultan Abdulhamid and Emperor Meiji 
Cemil Aydin

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