Parution : Andrew Hammond, Late Ottoman Origins of Modern Islamic Thought. Turkish and Egyptian Thinkers on the Disruption of Islamic Knowledge, Cambridge University Press, 2022

Late Ottoman Origins of Modern Islamic Thought
Turkish and Egyptian Thinkers on the Disruption of Islamic Knowledge


Andrew Hammond, University of Oxford

Part of Cambridge Studies in Islamic Civilization


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In this major contribution to Muslim intellectual history, Andrew Hammond offers a vital reappraisal of the role of Late Ottoman Turkish scholars in shaping modern Islamic thought. Focusing on a poet, a sheikh and his deputy, Hammond re-evaluates the lives and legacies of three key figures who chose exile in Egypt as radical secular forces seized power in republican Turkey: Mehmed Akif, Mustafa Sabri and Zahid Kevseri. Examining a period when these scholars faced the dual challenge of non-conformist trends in Islam and Western science and philosophy, Hammond argues that these men, alongside Said Nursi who remained in Turkey, were the last bearers of the Ottoman Islamic tradition. Utilising both Arabic and Turkish sources, he transcends disciplinary conventions that divide histories along ethnic, linguistic and national lines, highlighting continuities across geographies and eras. Through this lens, Hammond is able to observe the long-neglected but lasting impact that these Late Ottoman thinkers had upon Turkish and Arab Islamist ideology.

  • Uses both Arabic and Turkish sources to assess the contribution of Late Ottoman scholars to modern Islamic thought, providing a nuanced perspective on modern Islamic history
  • Offers a systematic, comprehensive appraisal of the works of Mehmed Akif, Mustafa Sabri and Zahid Kevseri, outlining how their exiles in Egypt framed their thinking and legacies
  • Reframes modern Islamic thought through the lens of traditionalist scholars wrestling with the dual challenge of Western science and philosophy and iconoclastic trends in Islam


DATE PUBLISHED: November 2022
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781009199506

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