EGYLandscape Closing Conference — MMSH, Aix-en-Provence, 6-8 September 2022


Tuesday 6 September

Morning: A Tour of Aix-en-Provence

17h30 – Albrecht Fuess & Nicolas Michel: Welcome and Introduction

18h00 – Nelly Hanna, The American University in Cairo: Keynote Lecture (online)

Dinner at the restaurant

Wednesday 7 September

Each communication 20 minutes, plus 30 minutes for discussion after two communications

9h20 – Welcome and coffee

Geoarcheology, Geohistory and Landscape

9h40-10h00 – Anthony Quickel, Philipps Universität Marburg: “Descriptions of Weather in Mamluk Sources”.
10h00-10h20 – Maël Crépy, IFAO, Cairo (online): “Reconstruction of the Environments and Landscapes of Egypt Since the 13th Century Through Geoarchaeology and Geo-history: Challenges, Hypotheses and Possibilities for Research”.
10h20-10h50 Discussion

10h50 – Coffee break

11h20-11h40 – Stuart Borsch, Assumption University, Worcester, MA: “Human Impact on the Nile: 1348-1908 CE”.
11h40-12h00 – Nicolas Michel, Aix-Marseille University. “Towards a Geographical History of Pre-Modern Middle Egypt: Issues of Spatial and Temporal Scale”.
12h00-12h30 – Discussion

12h30 – Lunch

Tribes and Bedouins

14h-14h20 – Yossef Rapoport, Queen Mary University of London: “The Great Arab Rebellions, 1250-1350. A Re-appraisal”.
14h20-14h40 – Adam Sabra, University of California, Santa Barbara. “From al-Buhayra to Istanbul and Back Again: An Egyptian Tribal Shaykh in the Wider Ottoman World”.
14h40-15h10 – Discussion

15h10 – Coffee break

On Economy

15h40-16h00 – Alison Gascoigne, University of Southampton: “Providing Pots for Cairo: Urban and Rural Resourcing of Medieval Ceramics Industries”.
16h00-16h20 – Zoe Griffith, Baruch College, New York (online): “Late-Eighteenth-Century Egypt: A ‘General Crisis’ or Structural Readjustment?”.
16h20-16h50 – Discussion

Dinner at the restaurant

Thursday, 8 September

9h00 – Welcome and coffee

On Land Status and Fiscality

9h20-9h40 – Igarashi Daisuke, Waseda University, Tokyo (online): “Rural Administration, Tax-Farming, and the Mutadarriks in Egypt from the Late 14th to the Early 16th Centuries”.
9h40-10h00 – Magdi Guirguis, Kafr el Sheikh University: “Coptic Monasteries’ Land-Holding of rizaq ihbasiyya, Thirteen-Eighteenth Centuries”.
10h00-10h30 – Discussion

10h30 – Coffee break

11h-11h20 – Clément Onimus, Université Paris VIII–Vincennes–Saint-Denis: “Political Radicality and Land Regime: Analysing a Revolutionary Moment in the Mamluk Era”.
11h20-11h40 – Albrecht Fuess, Philipps Universität Marburg: “Public vs. Private: Mamluk Land Reforms in the Eve of the Ottoman Threat”.
11h40-12h10 – Discussion

12h10 – Lunch

On Animals, Mankind and Hunting

13h30-13h50 – Heba Saad, Alexandria University: “Birds in the Political and Social Context During the Mamluk Period”.
13h50-14h10 – Shereen Elkabbani, Library of Alexandria: “Hunting in Mamluk Egypt: Entertainment for the Sultans and Furusiyya Practice for their Soldiers”.
14h10-14h30 – Didier Inowlocki, INALCO, Paris: “1906, The Dinshaway Incident, or Dying for Animals”.
14h30-15h00 – Discussion

15h00 – Coffee break

On Landscape

15h30-15h50 – Paulina Lewicka, University of Warsaw: “On Water-Buffalo, Rice Fields and Vanishing Vineyards: A Survey of Innovations and Changes in the Agricultural Landscape of Egypt from the Arab Conquest to the 16th Century”.
15h50-16h10 – Ghislaine Alleaume, IREMAM, CNRS: “Water Management, Land Use, and Population in the Low Lands of Northern Delta 16th-19th C.”.
16h10-16h40 – Discussion

16h40 – Coffee break

17h00 – Fabrice Dubertret: “Presentation of the webGIS”.

18h00 – Albrecht Fuess & Nicolas Michel: Final remarks

Friday, 9 September

For those who would like to stay a little longer: visit of the replica of the Grotte Cosquer (ca. 32000 BC), and/or of the exhibition “Pharaon super-star” at the MUCEM, Marseille, / Download the Poster of EGYLandscape Closing Conference / More information on EGYLandscape Project


—Premier lien, mardi 6 et mercredi 7:
Sujet : EGYLandscape Conference
Heure : 6 sept. 2022 05:00 PM Paris
ID de réunion : 896 3699 7255
Code secret : 368781

—Et le second, pour jeudi 8 septembre :
Sujet : EGYLandscape Conference 2
Heure : 8 sept. 2022 09:00 AM Paris
ID de réunion : 865 7457 0305
Code secret : 857186

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