Parution : Carole Hillenbrand (ed.), The Medieval Turks. Collected Essays, Edinburgh University Press, 2021


The Medieval Turks
Collected Essays

Carole Hillenbrand







Collects 24 papers on the medieval Turks by one of the world’s leading experts on medieval Islamic history
Traces the evolution of scholarship in the area over several decades
Gathers many papers located in out-of-print or hard-to-find works
Includes a preface that describes Professor Hillenbrand’s fascination with medieval Turkey, and an index of names, places and terms

This volume explores the impact of the Turks on the medieval Islamic world. It covers themes such as nomadism, shamanism, clan and social structure, the role of women, military expertise, engagement with Islamic orthodoxy and the daily interface between Turks and non-Turks.

The Medieval Turks is publishing alongside two further volumes of Carole Hillenbrand’s collected papers: Classical Islam and Islam and the Crusades.


  1. The Career of Najm Al-Din Il-Ghazi
  2. The Establishment of Artuqid Power in Diyar Bakr in the 12th Century
  3. The History of the Jazira: A Short Introduction
  4. Malazgird
  5. Marwanids
  6. Mayyafariqin
  7. Mu’in Al-Din Parwana: the Servant of Two Masters?
  8. Mu’in Al-Din Sulayman Parvana
  9. 1092: A Murderous Year
  10. Ibn Al-‘Adim’s Biography of the Seljuq Sultan, Alp Arslan
  11. The Power Struggle between the Saljuqs and the Isma‘Ilis of Alamut, 487–518/1094–1124: the Saljuq Perspective
  12. Some Reflections on Seljuq Historiography
  13. Women in the Seljuq Period
  14. Ravandi, the Seljuq Court at Konya and the Persianisation of Anatolian Cities
  15. Artuqids
  16. What’s in a Name? Tughtegin – ‘The Minister of the Antichrist’?
  17. Aspects of the Seljuq Court
  18. Nizam Al-Mulk: a Maverick Vizier?
  19. The Life and Times of ‘Amid Al-Din Al-Kunduri
  20. The Nizamiyya Madrasas
  21. The Life and Times of the Artuqid Ruler Najm Al-Din Alpı (Ruled 548/1154–572/1176)
  22. What is Special About Seljuq History?
  23. ‘The View from Above’: Muslim Perceptions of the Turks of Syria and the Jazira in the Period 1070–1176
  24. A Cosmopolitan Frontier State: Relations among the Kurds, Arabs, Byzantines, Armenians, Persians and Turks under the Marwanids of Diyar Bakr, 990–1085

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Carole Hillenbrand is Honorary Professorial Fellow, Professor Emerita at the University of Edinburgh and Professor of Islamic History at the University of St Andrews since 2013. In 2005 she became the first non-Muslim scholar to be awarded the prestigious King Faisal International Prize for Islamic Studies, reflecting her ‘revolutionary approach to the largely one-sided subject of the Crusades’. She is author of The Crusades (EUP, 1999), The Waning of the Umayyad Caliphate (Albany, 1989), A Muslim Principality in Crusader Times (Brill, 1990), and co-editor (with C. E. Bosworth) of Qajar Iran, (Edinburgh, 1984) and editor of The Sultan’s Turret (Brill, 1999).

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