Chesworth, John A., Kogelmann, Franz (dir.), Sharīʿa in Africa Today. Reactions and Responses, Londres, Brill, 2013, 290p.

Sharīʿa in Africa Today. Reactions and Responses explores how Islamic law has influenced relations between Muslims and Christians, through a series of case studies by young African scholars working in four African countries: in Sudan where total Sharīʿa was applied until recently; in Nigeria where the Northern states re-introduced Sharīʿa courts; in Kenya where the place of Islamic courts has been contested in constitutional debates; in Tanzania where Muslims are calling for the re-introduction of Islamic courts. Each chapter is based on research carried out by the authors, topics include: relations between Muslims and Christians; how Islamic law has impacted on women; new Islamic movements and the state. It is of importance to anyone interested in the impact of Sharīʿa in Africa today.

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