Parution: Amal Elesha Marogy (Ed.) The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics. Sībawayhi and Early Arabic Grammatical Theory, Brill, 2022


The Foundations of Arabic Linguistics
Sībawayhi and Early Arabic Grammatical Theory

Editor: Amal Elesha Marogy



Series: Studies in Semitic Languages and Linguistics, Volume: 65

This volume is intended as the first in a series of studies on traditional Arab linguistic theories concentrating on Sībawayhi and his grammatical legacy. Here, the reader is introduced to the major issues and themes that have determined the development of Arabic grammar and presents Sībawayhi in the context of his intellectual and social environment. The papers make significant contributions to and offer in-depth introductions into major aspects of the foundations of Arab Linguistics, early Syriac and medieval Hebrew linguistic traditions. This is a unique reference on the three main Semitic linguistic traditions, accompanied by a detailed analysis of some grammatical and pragmatic aspects of Kitāb Sībawayhi in the light of modern theories and scholarship.

Contributors include: M. G. Carter, Hanadi Dayyeh, Manuela E.B. Giolfo, Mohamed Hnid, Almog Kasher, Geoffrey Khan, Daniel King, Amal Marogy, Avigail S. Noy, Arik Sadan, Haruko Sakaedani
Amal E. Marogy, Ph.D. (2007) in Oriental Languages and Cultures, is lector of Arabic at Cambridge University. She is organiser of the Foundations of Arabic linguistics Conferences, FAL1 (2010) and FAL2 (2012) and her publications include Kitāb Sībawayhi: Syntax and Pragmatics (2010).

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