Appel à communication : “Man and the Deserts : the second edition of the Multidisciplinary Conference on the Natural and Cultural History of Wadi Rum”, Visitor Centre of the Wadi Rum Protected Area (Jordanie), 05-07/03/2014

The International Multidisciplinary Conference in Wādī Rum (MCWR) is the only event of its kind in the Middle-East run exclusively for researchers, scientists and sustainable development working in the field of interaction between Man and the Deserts. The Conference provides delegates with an unmissable opportunity to:

  1. explore a variety of different aspects of interaction between Man and the Deserts
  2. share best practice
  3. find out about the latest research

The different papers are arranged in an interdisciplinary manner to allow participants to explore issues directly connected to their own area of work while also providing the opportunity to engage with other professionals from a wide range of disciplines. Participants will come together for dynamic plenary sessions on key issues.

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