Appel à articles : Journal GAIR (Gesellschaft für Arabisches und Islamisches Recht) Mitteilungen 2014 — LIMITE : 31/01/2014

The Gesellschaft für Arabisches und Islamisches Recht e.V. (GAIR) is a non-profit scientific association established in 1997. Its aim is the furthering of mutual understanding of law, legal systems and legal practice between European scholars and those of the Arabic and wider Islamic region. Its annual scientificjournal, the GAIR-Mitteilungen, contributes to this aim by publishing contributions on the legal developments in this field, covering theoretical legal debate as well as the practical application of both secular and Islamic laws. The journal gives space to a wide range of perspectives and takes regard of the historical development as well as the interaction of “secular” and Islamic laws in different contexts. Its analyses and debates go beyond the basic principles and outlines of those legal systems, but also address the actual developments, both in aspiration and reality. In addition, it covers key phenomena affecting –or even determining –scientific discourse, legislation and legal practice in the relevant states. This focus does however not confine itself to topics of specific or general regional interest, but also addresses the influence of global developments and tendencies, as well as the legal relations among states.

Accordingly, we invite well-known and junior scholars as well as practitioners to help furthering this mutual understanding and dialogue by submitting publishable manuscripts. In view of implementing the aims of our association in a full and broad manner, the editors welcome contributions from specific disciplines, as well as interdisciplinary contributions that address the aspects above.

We highly welcome the submission of articles, reports and reviews as well as case reports and comments on cases and legislation to the editorial double peer review process. Submissions must, however, not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere.

The editors accept submissions in German and English.

Please send your contributions : until 31 January 2014 to mitteilungen@gair.deenclosing a brief personal description (no detailed curriculum vitae required).

We kindly ask you to provide your submissions in the following format:

  • ·Font size: 12pt;·Line spacing: single;
  • ·Font: Times New Roman, Times Umschrift Unicode, Times Beyrut Roman, Arial Unicode MS;
  • ·Length: maximum 15 pages;
  • ·References: footnotes, but no separate literature list.
  • ·Each submission will be subject to a double peer review procedure by two anonymous colleagues in the relevant area.

Once their reports on a submission have been received, the authors will be notified whether their submission is accepted, accepted subject to changes, or rejected. The editors will be overseeing this process and make the final decision on publication. All authors will receive their contribution with editorial changes for a final review prior to publication.

For any queries please contact Sina Nikolajew from the editorial team (, as well as the editors Beate Backe (, Hatem Elliesie ( and Prof Dr Dr Peter Scholz (

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