Appel à entrée : “The Islamic World Encyclopedia”

The forthcoming The Islamic World Encyclopedia, is seeking articles for this new project to help promote understanding of the Islamic world among high-school and college undergraduate students.The full name of the project is The Islamic World: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Society, and it is to be published by M.E. Sharpe, an academic and reference publisher. The intended readership is the academic high school and undergraduate student. The Islamic World is a book about ideas, events, peoples, places, and processes, exploring the Islamic world, from the time of the Prophet Muhammed through the present-day. The book is geographically inclusive as well, covering not only Islamic majority countries from northwest Africa to Southeast Asia but major Islamic communities in other places, such as Western Europe and North America. The Islamic World has a single focus: to examine how the Islamic faith and Islamic tradition shape Muslim nations and communities and their relationship to the non-Muslim world.

Subject areas include: biographies; economics; eras; geopolitics; history and historical events; law, politics, and government; media and culture; nations and regions; religion; science and technology; and social issues. Articles range in length from 500 to 3,500 words.

Contributors will receive authorial credit, a modest cash honorarium and/or copy of the full encyclopedia set in print (depending on contribution length and contributor preference). The publisher is requesting a tight production schedule, so deadlines will be in the one- to three-month range, depending on the length of the article.

If you are interested in contributing to the work, start by visiting the website:, which includes a list of articles, sample articles, guidelines, and deadline and compensation information. Then email the editor, Dr. Gordon Newby,

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