Call for papers 24th Annual International Congress, Mediterranean Studies Association, 25-28 May 2022, Lisboa  — LIMITE: 01/03/2022

24th Annual International Congress 
Mediterranean Studies Association
NOVA Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas
2022 Universidade Nova de Lisboa
May 25 to May 28

The Congress of the Mediterranean Studies Association will be held on May 25 – May 28, 2022, at the Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. We are now accepting proposals for individual paper, panel discussions, and complete sessions on all subjects related to the Mediterranean region and Mediterranean cultures around the world from all historical periods. The official language of the Congress is English, but we also welcome complete sessions in any Mediterranean language.
The Congress will open with a plenary session and reception on the evening of Wednesday, May 25. Over the next three days, 150-200 scholarly papers will be delivered before an international audience of scholars, academics, and experts in a wide range of fields. We are currently planning events for Congress participants that will highlight the history and unique cultural aspects of Lisbon, Portugal.

Guidelines for Submission of Proposals

1. You may submit a proposal for an individual paper presentation, a complete session, or a round table panel on any Mediterranean topic and theme. Sessions are two hours and typically include four papers, each lasting twenty minutes, a chair, and an optional commentator. (For examples of paper, round-table panels, and session topics, and the range of subjects, see programs from previous congresses available on our website ) Please note increased interest in the field of Mediterranean Studies has meant a steady growth of our conference. Given the challenge of finding an ample number of rooms at the conference venue, we strongly encourage submission of 4-paper sessions. If you submit a 3-paper session, the organizers reserve the right to add a fourth paper on a related topic from the general call for papers. If your participants fail to register by the deadline, the Program Committee will replace them with other papers on a related topic.

2. Submit a 150-word abstract in English for each paper, and a one-page CV for each participant, including chairs and commentators, as well as each participant’s name, institution, email, regular address, and phone number. Proposals for complete sessions or roundtables need to include the chair’s name.
Only ONE paper proposal per person will be accepted.

3. The deadline for preliminary submissions is March 1, 2022.

4. If you are giving your paper in a language other than English, please contact the program committee and submit both your title and abstract in both English and the language you will be presenting.

5. PLEASE NOTE: The MSA will hold paper sessions on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Saturday is full conference day, and you should not plan to travel before Sunday morning unless you are certain that your paper is not on Saturday afternoon. We will still honor special time requests for medical, religious, or other serious reasons IF REQUEST IS MADE BEFORE MARCH 1, 2022, OUR PROPOSAL DEADLINE.

6. Proposals for papers and/or sessions must be submitted through the MSA website: If you have questions, contact: info[at]

Membership and Registration
All accepted participants must be 2022 members of the MSA and must also register for the congress. Early registration will be available until February 1, 2022. Late registration will be available until April 15, 2022. Please be advised that if you have not registered by April 15, 2022, your paper will not be listed in the program. Also, please NOTE that registrations are NON REFUNDABLE.

After the congress, you are encouraged to submit your revised and expanded paper for publication consideration in the Association’s double-blind, peer-reviewed journal, Mediterranean Studies, published by Penn State University Press.

Hope to see you in Lisbon

John Watkins Chair,
Program Committee Mediterranean Studies Association
email: info[at]

Call for papers:

More information: here

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