Parution : Sara Tonsy, The Egyptian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood Contemporary Political Power Dynamics, Routledge, 2021

1st Edition

The Egyptian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood
Contemporary Political Power Dynamics

ISBN 9781032027753
Published November 30, 2021 by Routledge
190 Pages

Book Description
This book provides an analysis of the relationship between the Egyptian army and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). This is at times of cooperation, collaboration, rivalry, and enmity, offering a vivid perspective as to how the similarities of both political actors bring them together after decades of invisible presence in the Egyptian political field.

Using ethnographic material that includes interviews, observations, and other forms of expression, both political actors’ common trajectories are analyzed in terms of power dynamics. The study allows an insight on the understanding of the differences between madani (civil), ‘askari (military), and dini (religious), how they are used and projected on the Egyptian political field. Finally, the book provides a dialogue simulation of the discourse of the MB and army, starting 2011, while analyzing the meaning of this exchange in terms of symbols, power, and mobilization.

In highlighting similar elements to their respective governmentalities, this book outlines a new analysis of the rivalry, making it an important contribution for scholars and students interested in collective violence, civil–military relations, and political Islam in the Middle East.

Table of Contents
1. Elements of Governmentality, Social Rituals, and Mobilization of the Egyptian Army and the Muslim Brotherhood   2. An Eternal Rivalry: Historical Tracing of the Origins of the Rivalry  3. Territory, Population, and State Apparatus: the Power Dynamics of Two Noncivilian Political Actors  4. Collective Violence and Contention 1.0: Collective Violence and Failed Negotiations  5. Civilianization of the Noncivilian, Governmentality, and a Crumbled Rivalry: Until the Mubarak Era  6. The 2011 Political Opening and its Repercussions  7. Rejuvenation and Power Struggle: A Renewed Rivalry  8. Revisited Aspects and Repercussions of the Renewed Rivalry: Coup d’État and Coolective Violence 2.0  9. Authoritarian Renewal and Neo-Military Society, 2014–21 

Sara Tonsy is Associate Researcher at the IREMAM and Mesopolhis, Institut d’études politiques (IEP), Aix-en-Provence, France. Tonsy has a PhD in Political Science from the IEP-Aix, 2019. Her work mainly focuses on Egypt as a case study.

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