Conférence : “Church-State Relations in Europe and the United States. Narrating the encounter of modernity and contemporaneity”, Sciences Po-CERI — en ligne, 17-19h, 18/11/2021

17:00  19:00
Online Event 
A conference within the framework of the Chair for the Study of Religion at CERI

Church-State Relations in Europe and the United States. Narrating the encounter of modernity and contemporaneity. 

Can we still speak of a universal right of religious freedom or are national church/state patterns still dominant? Ferrari, Marzouki and Sullivan will converse about present realities in Europe (increasingly understood as a Mediterranean geopolitical space) and the US, focusing on how ancient words such as church, laïcité, and secularism are changing in the present age.
A conversation with Alessandro Ferrari and Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, moderated by Nadia Marzouki
Alessandro Ferrari is Professor of Law and Religion at Insubria University. His research interests are Islam in Europe, French laïcité, and religious freedom in the European context. He is the author of Religious Freedom Italian Style: a Mediterranean Paradigm (DeGruyter forthcoming)
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan is Provost Professor of Religion at Indiana University Bloomington. She studies the intersection of law and religion in the modern period and is the author of Church State Corporation (Chicago 2020).
Nadia Marzouki is a tenured research fellow at CNRS/CERI and member of the Scientific Committee of the Chaire d’Etude du Fait religieux. She is the author of Islam, an American Religion (Columbia University Press, 2017).

Organizers: Nadia Marzouki, Sciences Po – CERI / CNRS, Alain Dieckhoff, Sciences Po – CERI / CNRS, Stéphane Lacroix, Sciences Po – CERI.

This seminar will take place online via the Zoom platform.

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