Call for papers : Conference “CFP: Muslim Societies and Peacebuilding in Africa”, Rabat, 26-28 May 2022 — LIMITE: 20/11/2021

CFP: Muslim Societies and Peacebuilding in Africa

Type: Call for Papers
Date: October 20, 2021 to November 20, 2021
Location: Morocco
Subject Fields: African History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies, Peace History / Studies, Social Sciences

International Conference: CFP

  Muslim Societies and Peacebuilding in Africa  
Host: Al-Hokama Center for Peace Research, Rabat 
Date: May 26 -28, 2022. 

In recent years, peace has become elusive in many African countries. Not only have some of the traditional bastions of protracted wars such as those witnessed in Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo—Zaire remained mired in unending insecurity and perpetual discord, but new trends of security challenges have been observed; these have proliferated across most of the Sahel countries, Libya, and even Northern Mozambique.  

Most African studies’ scholars associate the first trend of conflict with Africa’s post-colonial struggles of state-formation and post-independence challenges of nation-building. Disagreements have persisted as to the classification of the second trend in armed conflicts: Are they outliers of transnational origin within  Middle Eastern militancy  pioneered by Al-Qaeda since 1998? Other scholars perceive these new trends as homegrown, representing the rebirth of the 19th century jihadi movements in Africa.  

Whatever the truth in these different readings may be, two phenomena in these new conflicts are undisputable: First: they manifest violently and mercilessly, wreaking havoc among ordinary communities. Second: they are mostly taking place among and in majority Muslim communities. The pairing of these two factors justifies the claims of religious war, entrenching discourses of jihad, and perpetuating sectarian violence.  

This conference seeks to invite scholars, researchers, and practitioners to reflect insightfully and write legibly about these intertwined issues; in these papers, they should show how these issues impact upon communities, societies, and countries in the affected African regions. We encourage interested scholars to think about the complexities of the topic, and beyond the orthodox positions, and outside the normative realm of peace. Studies that are empirically based, case studies, fresh perspectives, original research, and solution-oriented rendering of these issues are much welcome.  

Selected papers will be preliminarily presented at the academic conference in Rabat, and then revised for a final publication in a volume dedicated to Muslim Societies and Peace-Building in Africa. Here are some suggested methods and themes, not a comprehensive overview, that can help in the framing of papers: 

  • Methodology and theoretical framework; 
  • The ethics of peace and peacebuilding; 
  • Holy wars and religious violence; 
  • The meanings of peace in Africa. 
  • Colonial peace, colonial war; 
  • Sufi actors and peace building; 
  • Civil and communal strife; 
  • The violence of the post-colonial state. 


  • Islamic conceptions of peace and war; 
  • Muslim practices of peace and war; 
  • Conceptions or practices of peace in Islamic history in Africa; 
  • Modern conflicts in the name of Islam. 


  • Typology of armed groups; 
  • Salafism: between conflict and peace; 
  • Transitional groups or institutions; 
  • Terror, Terrorism, and Terrorist groups. 

  • Cases from the Sahel region; 
  • Cases from North Africa; 
  • Cases from the Horn of Africa; 
  • Cases from Southern Africa. 


  • Overcoming conflicts; 
  • Initiatives for peace; 
  • Peacekeepers and peace keeping; 
  • Toward a lasting peace in Africa. 

         Interested participants are invited to submit a 300-word proposal and a short biography by November 20th2021 with acceptance replies within three weeks thereafter. 

Proposals and presentations are in English and Arabic. The host will cover all expenses related to travel, lodgings, and transportation of the selected participants during the conference.  

For any inquiries, please contact the coordinators at the emails below. 

To submit a proposal for the conference, send your document to[at], and copy the coordinators, Sanae Alouazen (s.alouazen[at] & Bryan Rush (bryan.rusch[at] 


To be considered for the conference, please submit

  • 300-word proposal.  
  • short biography
  • Deadline: November 20th, 2021. 


Steering Committee: 
Professor Mbaye Lo, Duke University. 
Professor Muhammed Haron, University of Stellenbosch. 
Professor Hamdy A. Hassan, Zayed University. 
Professor Carl Ernst, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. 
Sanae Alouazen, ALHOKAMA Center For Peace Research. 
Bryan Rusch, Duke University. 

Contact Email: s.alouazen[at]

More information: here

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