Appel à communication : CIEPO 21, 07-11/10/2014, Budapest (Hongrie) — LIMITE : 30/11/2013

The Research Centre for the Humanities of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the Department of Turkish Studies, Oriental Institute, Eötvös Loránd University announce that the 21th conference of the Comité international des études pré-ottomanes et ottomanes (CIEPO) will take place in Budapest, Hungary, on 7-11 October 2014.

The organizers encourage thematic panels, but proposals for individual papers may also be submitted. Each panel will consist of normally four, but exceptionally three or five to maximum six papers. Each paper – in a panel or independent – will be of a duration of 15 minutes; panels should ideally also include a brief 5-minute introductory presentation of their theme and rationale.

The languages of the conference are English, French, German, and Turkish.

The conference does not have a specific theme, but the organizers encourage panels and individual papers which fall under the following main topics:

  • ‘Political, ethnic and religious transformation in Anatolia from the 11th to the 13th century’
  • ‘Ottoman military history: strategies, logistics and conduct of war’
  • ‘Ethnic and cultural acculturation in the Ottoman Empire’
  • ‘Conversion and confessionalism in the Ottoman Empire’
  • ‘Autonomies in the Ottoman Empire’
  •  ‘The historical relationship between the Ottoman Empire and Europe’
  •  ‘Central and provincial elites in the Ottoman Empire’
  •  ‘Nomads and semi-nomads within the Ottoman economic and administrative system’
  •  ‘Literature, art, architecture and science in the service of constructing Ottoman identity’

With overall participation being restricted for organisational reasons,
Abstracts will become more important for the selection process. They will
constitute, apart from considerations of chronological and topical
balance, the principal basis for being accepted/rejected by the Vetting

All Abstracts must therefore clearly define

– the objective of the contribution, its context and method
– two or more sources on which the contribution is built
–  the innovative character of the contribution by indicating where it
goes beyond what is already in the common domain.

Abstracts may be composed in any of the accepted Conference languages.
The Title of the Abstract will be taken as the Title of the Contribution
to be announced in the Programme. Any intended changes must be
communicated to the Organisers in good time. The language in which the
paper is presented must be identical with that of the Title of the
Contribution as announced in the Programme. This applies to Titles of
Individual papers as well as to those of Panels (and to those
communications that make up a Panel). Any exceptions need to be cleared
with the Organisers in advance of the printing of the Final Programme.

Proposals must be submitted in the attached forms (please see below), and
must be sent by email to, where also all queries
should be addressed. The deadline for the submission of proposals is 30
November 2013.
Abstracts for individual papers should not exceed 400 words. Proposals for
panels should include abstracts of up to 300 words for each paper, but
also an abstract of up to 400 words for the general theme of the panel,
also explaining how the four papers interconnect and how they contribute
to the theme. Proposals for panels must be submitted by the panel leader,
i.e., the person who takes the initiative to organize the panel.
The proposals for panels and individual papers will be examined by an
international Vetting Board which will be appointed by the CIEPO Executive
Board, and will consist of members of the CIEPO Governing Directorate. The
selection process will be double-blind, following the established academic
practice for peer review; the names of the members of the Vetting Board
will not be announced, and the panel and paper proposals will be forwarded
to the Vetting Board by the local organizers without names. The results of
the selection process will be announced through the local organizers by 15
February 2014. In case there are appeals (which will have to be submitted
to the local organizers by 28 February 2014), the CIEPO President will act
as arbitrator.
Details about the registration fee, as well as about accommodation options
in Budapest, will be announced in the end of February 2014, after the
selection process. To provide a rough idea, the registration fee will be
100 euros. The conference participants will have to cover themselves the
costs of travel, accommodation, and some meals. The conference will
include four days of sessions, and a full-day excursion.


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