PhD Position for Research on Muslim Interreligious Encounters in the Pre-Modern Mediterranean, University of Groningen — LIMITE : 01/12/2020

The Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies offers a four year position to complete a PhD in Theology and Religious Studies. The PhD student will be enrolled in our Graduate School. The proposed dissertation project should complement the research profile of dr. Mònica Colominas Aparicio, who will be the supervisor.…)as.aparicio/research

The position will be based in the Department of Christianity and the History of Ideas, which has expanded to consider also the intellectual history of Islam in the Mediterranean, with a focus on interreligious encounters. Other Department staff are engaged in the study of the history of Christianity from the Middle Ages to the present, the philosophy of religion, as well as religion in heritage, international relations, and popular culture, see…)-philosophy-culture/

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