Conference “Protracted Displacement: Hopes, Perspectives, and Solutions? Governance – Social Dimension – Academia (Focus Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Palestine)” — Online, Deadline for registration: 14 October 2020, 19-20/10/2020, 03 and 17/11/2020

Protracted displacement shapes the face of the region. With the Syrian civil war in its 10th year, longterm uprooting in Iraq, Yemen, Libya, and Palestine, as well as their effects on neighboring and European countries, the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe is at hand. The core goal from an urgent humanitarian response calls for durable solutions in the host and in the home countries. This conference is a multi-dimensional, interdisciplinary platform for discussion and dialogue. The Steering Committee encourages all participants to make a contribution related to the main and sub-themes, to exchange experience and expertise, and by doing so to contribute to the quest for sustainable solutions. The conference will be held online in four days starting on the 19th and 20th of October and on the 3rd and 17th of November, 2020, under the theme “Protracted Displacement of Refugees: Hopes, Perspectives, and Solutions?” This conference will be hosted jointly by Yarmouk University (YU), German Jordanian University (GJU), Academics in Solidarity (AiS), EDU-SYRIA, GIZ, and UNHCR.

The primary objective of this conference is to shed light on the main issues and challenges connected to the refugees’ fate in order to enhance both host communities and refugees as a response to local wars and conflicts. This conference is a communication medium for discussion and dialogue and the hosts encourage all participants to make a contribution related to the interdisciplinary conference themes. We encourage abstracts and discussion papers from various schools of thought and areas in order to enrich the conference content in a way that may suggest significant solutions to the refugee issues. The Conference gathers key actors and scholars from Jordan, the Middle East, and Europe (esp. Germany). Thereby, it follows the structure outlined by the three sustainable solutions and visits the options of repatriation, resettlement, and sustainable cohesion in the host country respectively host community.

Deadline for registration: 14 October 2020

Registration and program:


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