IEMed Yearbook 2013 [en ligne], Barcelone, IEMed, 2013.


Senén Florensa, Executive President, European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed)
Andreu Bassols, Director General, European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed)
The Civil War in Syria
Transitions in the Arab World
Media and Arab Transitions
Euro-Mediterranean Relations Facing New Challenges
Socio-Political Map after the “Arab Awakening”: in Search of a Balance of Powers, Lurdes Vidal (dir); Moussa Bourekba and Laura Rufalco
Box: Top-Down Fostered Constitutional Reform and Rule of Law, Moussa Bourekba and Héctor Sánchez Margalef
Box: Rebuilding the State Apparatus: Security Sector Reform, Clàudia Rives Casanova
Box: Rule of Law and Constitution in Tunisia: the Challenge of Political Consensus, Moussa Bourekba and Héctor Sánchez Margalef
Box: Constitution and Rule of Law in Egypt: the Army as Guardian of Reform, Moussa Bourekba and Héctor Sánchez Margalef
Box: Transitional Justice: a Stage in Dismantling Former Regimes, Moussa Bourekba
Country Profiles
Geographical Overview
EU’s Mediterranean Countries
The Future of Greece, Dimitris Katsikas
François Hollande and the Mediterranean Region, Sébastien Abis and Jean-François Coustillière
Western Balkans
Middle East and Turkey
Middle East and Turkey
Turkey in 2012: A General Overview, E Fuat Keyman and Tuba Kanci
The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership and Other Actors
Strategic Sectors
Security & Politics
Economy and Territory
Culture & Society
MAP A.1         Economic crisis in the EU. Basic indicators
MAP A.2         Syria: Humanitarian crisis
MAP A.3         Euromed Survey of Experts and Actors IV. Prospects and visibility
MAP A.4         Euromed Survey of Experts and Actors IV. Prospects of Sustainable Democracy and the EU Role
MAP A.5         Health expenditure
MAP A.6         Obesity in Mediterranean Countries
MAP A.7         Trade of Creative Goods. Imports
MAP A.8         Trade of Creative Goods. Exports
MAP A.9         Education
MAP A.10       Demographic Indicators (Marriage, Fertility, Contraception and abortion policies) in the Mediterranean
MAP A.11       Traffic of goods between EU and UMA and Passengers traffic in the Strait of Gibraltar
MAP A.12       Women in Mediterranean Parliaments
MAP A.13       US Official Development Aid in the Mediterranean (2011)
MAP A.14       Elections in Greece (May and June 2012). Rresults of Pro-Bailout Parties
MAP A.15       Aquaculture Production in Mediterranean Countries (2011)
Cooperation in the Mediterranean
List of the Organisms Consulted for Drawing Up Tables, Charts and Maps
Country Abbreviations in Charts and Maps


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