Call for Abstracts / Book on « The Effects of Pandemics on Religious History » Edited by Global Center for Religious Research — LIMITE : 01/07/2020

The Division of Religious History for the Global Center for Religious Research (GCRR) is seeking written submissions to be anthologized in a bound publication dedicated to the influence and effects of pandemics on religion.

We welcome both industry leaders and scholars from any discipline related to religious studies, the natural or social sciences, theology, and history. Initial submission proposals should be an abstract of 200‒500 words. Final book chapters should be 4,000‒8,000 words.

Proposals may include any topic related to the impact of pandemics, diseases, or pestilence on:

  • Ancient / Medieval / Modern / Present-Day Religious History
  • Israelite / Second Temple / Jewish History
  • Christian / Church History
  • Islamic History
  • Hindu History
  • Buddhist History
  • Mormon History
  • Indigenous / Native Religious History
  • New Religious Movements History
  • Other Religious History
  • Psychology of Religion
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Anthropology of Religion
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Hermeneutical / Exegetical History

General Editor:

❏    Darren M. Slade, PhD

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