Resources and Scientific Activities of the european EuQu project “The European Qur’an. Islamic Scripture in European Culture and Religion 1150-1850”

It’s been nearly a year now that the european EuQu project has started!
They have organised conferences and seminars, workshops in France, Italy and Spain, etc. You can find all their resources, videos, audio files and articles online on their website :

EuQu is an ambitious six year research project (2019-2025) studying the ways in which the Islamic Holy Book is embedded in the intellectual, religious and cultural history of Medieval and Early Modern Europe. Their research studies how the Qur’an has been translated, interpreted, adapted and used by Christians, European Jews, freethinkers, atheists and European Muslims in order to understand how the Holy Book has influenced both culture and religion in Europe.

Who takes part in the project ? Have a look at the EuQu team on their website.

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