Colloque Sciences Po-CERI: “Migration policies in the Mediterranean and Libya” (sur inscription) — CERI, 9h-17h, 12/02/2020

Cet événement aura lieu en au / The session will take place at
CERI – 56, rue Jacob – 75006 Paris
Salle de conférence – RdC / Conference Room (GF)

Migration policies in the Mediterranean and Libya:
Roundtables on Crimes, Victims and the rule of International Law


This event is organised by researchers of the European Research project MAGYC (Migration Governance and asYlum Crises), the ANR project PACE (Politics of Asylum Crisis in Europe) and in partnership with the Paris School of International Affairs.

In a context of continuous migrants deaths and dismantlement of search and rescue operations led by states or NGOs, the ICC opened a court case on EU migration policies in Libya and the Mediterranean as a possible crime against humanity. Will migration governance finally be negotiated in courts?
This conference brings together practitioners and academics to debate the role of law in governing migration. IT will particularly reflect upon il/legalising practices and the making of “victims” and “criminals”. 


9:00 – 9:15 | Introduction
EU migration policies and migrants in Libya and the Mediterranean:
bringing practitioners and researchers together to discuss victims and criminals

Omer Shatz, Shoshana Fine, Helene Thiollet

9:15 – 11.00 | 1st Roundtable
Crimes Against Migrants in Libya: discussing speeches and images of migrants as victims

Arezo Malakooti, Senior Fellow, Global Initiative Against Transnational Organized Crime (via skype)
Alnoor Mohammadiaen Adam, from Darfour, survivor of Libyan camps, refugee in France
Sally Haden, journalist
Jean Paul Cavalieri, Representative for the UNHCR in Libya

Céline Cantat, MAGYC, CERI-Sciences Po
Nora El Qadim, Université Paris 8

11:15-13:00 | 2nd Roundtable
NGOs: Criminalizing the Good Samaritan? Framing search and rescue operations

Antoine Laurent, former Head of Operation of the Aquarius – SOS Mediterranee
Oscar Camps, founder of Open Arms Proactive
Catherine Norris, journalist, France 24
Sergio Carrera, Senior Research Fellow CEPS

Didier Bigo, CERI-Sciences Po, King’s college London
Virginie Guiraudon, CEE-Sciences Po/CNRS
Violeta Moreno-Lax, Queen Mary, University of London (via skype)

Lunch Break

14:15 – 14:45 | Keynote
Enrico Letta, Dean of Sciences Po Paris School of International Affairs, former Italian PM

14:45 – 16:45 | 3th Roundtable
Migration Policy “as Organised Crime”?

Omer Shatz, lawyer
Juan Branco, lawyer
Federico Soda, IOM Chief of Mission, Libya
Jean Paul Cavalieri, Representative for the UNHCR in Libya

William Schabas, Middlesex University in London
Vincent Chetail, Graduate Institute Geneva, Global Migration Center

16:45-17:00 | Closing
Helene Thiollet, Shoshana Fine & Omer Shatz


Responsables scientifiques : Helene Thiollet, CERI-Sciences Po/CNRS


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