Doctoral Research Fellowship in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, University of Oslo — LIMITE : 12/01/2020

A Doctoral Research Fellowship in Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies is available at the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages (Institutt for kulturstudier og orientalske språk / IKOS) at the University of Oslo, Norway.

The applicant is asked to propose a project that enters the discursive field in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA), with a particular focus on modern Iran and its transnational encounters. The applicant must be conversant in theories circulating in Middle Eastern studies. The applicant must have proven language competency in either Persian or Arabic, preferably Persian. Knowledge of both is an added advantage. The project may take a specific case study within the region and/or explore circulation of ideas and products across national boundaries. The resulting dissertation is expected to contribute to the field of gender studies as it intersects with capital, race, class, culture, sexuality and/or knowledge via the MENA region and through its geographic and symbolic location. The project will be supervised by Associate Professor Kristin Soraya Batmanghelichi.

The person appointed will be affiliated with the Faculty’s organized research training. The academic work is to result in a doctoral thesis that will be defended at the Faculty with a view to obtaining the degree of PhD. The successful candidate is expected to join the existing research milieu or network and contribute to its development. Read more about the doctoral degree.

The appointment is for a duration of 3 years. All PhD Candidates who submit their doctoral dissertation for assessment with a written recommendation from their supervisor within 3 years or 3 ½ years after the start of their PhD position, will be offered, respectively, a 12 or 6 month Completion Grant.

Planned starting date is May 1, 2020

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