Parution : Richard Jacquemond, Felix Lang (ed.), Culture and Crisis in the Arab World. Art, Practice and Production in Spaces of Conflict, Londres, I.B.Tauris, sept. 2019

Culture and Crisis in the Arab World
Art, Practice and Production in Spaces of Conflict

Richard JacquemondFelix Lang, Londres, I.B.Tauris, 264 pp.

Ce livre collectif est issu du workshop « Champs culturels arabes en crise » (MMSH, 7-8 novembre 2016) organisé par l’IREMAM et le CNMS de Marburg.

En savoir plus sur l’ouvrage

About Culture and Crisis in the Arab World

Since 2011, the art of the Arab uprisings has been the subject of much scholarly and popular attention. Yet the role of artists, writers and filmmakers themselves as social actors working under extraordinary conditions has been relatively neglected. Drawing on critical readings of Bourdieu’s Field Theory, this book explores the production of culture in Arab social spaces in ‘crisis’. In ten case studies, contributors examine a wide range of countries and conflicts, from Algeria to the Arab countries of the Gulf. They discuss among other things the impact of Western public diplomacy organisations on the arts scene in post-revolutionary Cairo and the consequences of dwindling state support for literary production in Yemen. Providing a valuable source of empirical data for researchers, the book breaks new ground in adapting Bourdieu’s theory to the particularities of cultural production in the Middle East and North Africa.

Table of contents

Introduction: Richard Jacquemond and Felix Lang~

Beauty, Goodness, and Bombs. The Role of Political Crisis in Structuring the MENA Field of Cultural Production
Felix Lang

Rumour in Two Tunisian Artistic Fields: A Form of Legitimate Speech
Annabelle Boissier and Mariem Guellouz

The Symbolic Power of Syrian Collective Memory since 2011
Alexa Firat

Committed Knowledge: Autonomy and Politicization of Research Institutions and Practices in Wartime Lebanon (1975-1990)
Candice Raymond

The Crisis as an Institutional Tool: Challenging Anti-Institutional Challenges in the Egyptian Cultural Field
Elena Chiti

The Algerian Literary Field in the ‘Black Decade’: Signs of Reinforced Polarization
Tristan Leperlier

Successive Shifts in the Yemeni Cultural Field 2011-2016
Laurent Damesin

Class and Creative Economies: The Culture Field in Cairo
Ilka Eickhof

Contemporary Art in Extremis: Gaza between Imprisonment and Globalization
Marion Slitine

Notes on the Contributors

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