Call for Papers / Journal Modern Islamic Studies: “Islam and/or Tradition? Traditional Islam and Islamic Traditions in the Eastern Europe” — LIMITE : 15/11/2019

The newly established peer-reviewed academic journal “Modern Islamic Studies” (published by The Center for Islamic Studies of the National University of Ostroh Academy, Ostroh, Ukraine) is pleased to announce collection of papers for the first issue “Islam and/or Tradition? Traditional Islam and Islamic Traditions in the Eastern Europe”. Taken in a broad geographical sense, we are seeking for the papers addressing history and modernity of Muslims in the area from Balkans and Crimea on the South, Baltia on the North and Caucausus on the East, where indigenous Muslim population and traditions are represented.

Next prospective topics (are not limited to) are highly welcomed:

  • Important developments in Islamic art, literature and intellectual history in the area;
  • Islamic revival, the creation of the new institutions, rise of the new Islamic movements;
  • Various experiences of Muslim social and political participation as a kind of domestication and incluturation or specifically Muslim presentation of domestic cultures;
  • Local Islamic traditions of textuality and social practive, their impact on the Islamic world;
  • Discussion of tradition, traditionalism and conservatism among Muslim of the region, responses to contemporary challenges.

Papers should be submitted directly using the journal web-site ( to Dr. Mykhaylo Yakubovych ( and include name and affilication of the author, title of the paper, 200-word abstract, main text (4000 – 8000 words) and bibliography used. References in the text must be given in footnotes according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Deadline for the first issue: November 15, 2019. For more details, see “for Authors“.

Languages accepted: English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish.

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