Post-doctoral Research Fellow linked to the AHRC-funded research grant ‘Thinking Through Extinction’ / University of Leeds — LIMITE : 07/08/2019

Are you a researcher interested in the philosophical, cultural and / or religious dimension of the ecological and climate crisis? Have you completed or are you nearing completion of a PhD in an area related to any of the following: Environmental Ethics / Philosophy, Religious Studies, Environmental Humanities, Animal Studies, Extinction Studies? 

This is an exciting opportunity to work on the AHRC-funded research grant, ‘Thinking Through Extinction’ (Part of the EU funded consortium Extinction as Cultural Heritage?) alongside principal investigator Dr Stefan Skrimshire (University of Leeds), project partner Manchester Museum, and a resident artist.

This project addresses the problem of how the current ‘mass extinction event’ is communicated and encountered in public spaces. There is a long history of representation of species extinction in museums through, for example, fossil displays and taxidermy of extinct and endangered species. Increasingly there has been an effort to ‘educate’ the public on the link between biodiversity loss and the threat to human civilization. But it is far from clear how the concept of a global extinction crisis, including possible ecological, economic and civilizational collapse, can and ought to be displayed, narrated, and a public response sought. Our underlying question will be: how does knowledge of global extinction feed into the personal and collective imaginations of the future, and how does that imagination find expression? The project relies heavily on co-creation and collaboration through workshops, co-authoring, artist commissioning, and public involvement.

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