Parution : Najib George Awad, Umayyad Christianity. John of Damascus as a contextual example of identity formation in Early Islam, Gorgias Press LLC, Dec 2018

A study of the identity-formation process that the Christians of Syria-Palestine experienced during Umayyad Caliphate. It approaches this subject by using John of Damascus and his writings on Islam as a case-study. This provides an exhaustive study of the available historical data in order to stimulate some further thought on John of Damascus’s theology and legacy from a contextual and intercultural methodology. Such an examination has not yet been pursued in the scholarship of Byzantine Christianity during that era. Proceeding from a centralizing ‘context’, the monograph revisits John of Damascus’s legacy (and the Umayyad Christians’ identity-formation of that era) from the perspective of his historical, Islamic-Arabic context, and not from any assumed, metanarrative, common to contemporary pro-Byzantine theology scholars.

Dr Najib George Awad is Associate Professor of Christian Theology at Hartford Seminary. He gained his doctorate at King’s College, London, and his Theol. Habil. at Philipps Universitaet Marburg, Germany.

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