Final Conference: “Reconfigurations and Connectivities of the MENA Region” – University of Marburg, 14-16/11/2018

Final conference: Reconfigurations and Connectivities of the MENA Region: Contextualizing Upheavals, Transformations, and Lasting Crises

The event will take place from 14.-16. November 2018 at the Centre for Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Marburg.

The final conference grants a discussion platform for reconfiguring both the historical consciousness and transformation of the MENA-region in all disciplinary and topical facets our research network has to offer.
At the same time, the conference aims to go beyond the MENA-region, contributing to critical debates on area studies while pointing out transregional and translocal references in a broad and comparative manner. The conference intends to provide a setting for the network’s expertise and experience, assessing its past research performance and highlighting cooperation efforts not only within Marburg, but also on national and international levels, thus granting insight into the future research of network members and their partners.

Please find the preliminary program to download.

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