Call for Submissions / Conference: “Quranic Studies International Conference”, in Oxford (4th August 2018) – LIMITE : 30/06/2018

Call for Submissions

Quranic Studies International Conference 

Venue: OXFORD, England
4th of August 2018

Proposals Submission Deadline: 30 June 2018


– The emergence of Islamic governments and their Quranic guidelines.
– The law in the Q uran and its relation and interaction with secular laws as well as the international law.
– Islamic banking and financial markets; their Quranic foundations and also analyses of the current Islamic systems with the Quranic requisites and qualifications.
– The Quranic answers to intellectual and philosophical challenges facing Muslims such as questions raised by atheism and other ideologies and ideas.
– The Quranic foundation of spiritual and mystical trends inside and outside the Muslim world.
– The development of media coverage of the Quranic themes.
– An exploration of the literature aiming at clarification of various dimensions of impact by the Quran on the worlds of knowledge, politics, society, psychology and so forth.
– The works undertaken to develop an insight into the traditional interpretations and hermeneutics of the Holy Quran.
– The Arabic language of the Quran, is it in decline or is it being upheld by the advent of new media?
– Translation of the Holy Quran.
– The ethical structures suggested by the Quran and how these structures helped Muslim communities throughout history be morally balanced and in peace.
– The mental healing and therapeutic properties of the Quranic verses prescribing methodologies in order to keep mental disorders such as depression in check.
– The impact of the Quran and Quranic studies on the discourse of the religious thinking across the world.
– New ways of interpreting the Quran, positive and negative points, a critical outlook.

Registration: See on the website

Abstract SubmissionThe 250-word abstract on MS Word must be formatted to include methodology, original data and results,

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