Publications : deux ouvrages de Colette Apelian

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Between the Local and Global: Motorized Vehicles and Everyday Life in Early French Colonial Fez, Morocco (1912-1930’s) Homi Bhabha’s Cultural Hybridity and Early Twentieth Century Modifications of Fez, Morocco
An illustrated essay about the social histories of electricity and automobiles in early twentieth century Fez, Morocco. The paper is based upon onsite and archival research in French and Moroccan archives and was presented at the BRISMES 2014 Conference. Application of Homi Bhabha’s concept of hybridity and the history of electricity in the French colonial madina of Fez, Morocco (1912-56). The paper includes a discussion of glass electric fixture designs in religious structures of Morocco; interrelations between Christian, Muslim, and Jewish residents of Fez; and historic preservation legislation and its application.


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