Iqbal Akhtar, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at Florida International University — 24/05-01-02/06/2016

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Iqbal Akhtar is an assistant professor of religious studies and international relations at Florida International University in Miami (FIU). He completed his doctorate at the University of Edinburgh’s New College seminary in the history of religion. His doctoral thesis focused on the Khoja communities of Tanzania. The study assessed the transformation of how religious identity and authority has shifted in the past two centuries from their migration to East Africa from the Subcontinent. His monograph on this subject, the Khōjā of Tanzania, was published with Brill in 2015.

At FIU, Iqbal has created the Western Indian Ocean Studies programme and is its research director. The programme focuses on transnational and cosmopolitan histories in the Western Indian Ocean by focusing on indigenous texts, languages, and material culture in telling the stories of merchant communities. The programme is an international collaboration with academic units and universities in Zanzibar, Paris, and Pakistan. Its vision is to bring scholars from around the world and create an intellectual space for the study of shifting religious geographies in the littoral.


Mardi 24 mai 2016, 18h

Between Indic caste and Muslim nation: Exploring the develepment of Khoja Muslim identity en East Africa dans le cadre de l’Atelier de recherche “Cultures vernaculaires et nouvelles élites dans l’Asie du sud coloniale et postcoloniale” de Michel Boivin et Julien Levesque
EHESS-CEIAS, salle 662 (6ème étage), 190-198 avenue de France, 75013 Paris

Mercredi 1er juin 2016, 11h30

The Chronicle of Light: Translating 18th century Sindhi Islamic luminary cosmology trough printed Urdu and Gujarati dans le cadre des Journées d’études “Comparing the vernacular in Muslim and Hindu Traditions: the cas of Sindhiyyat”
EHESS-CEIAS, salle 638 et 640 (6ème étage), 190-198 avenue de France, 75013 Paris

Jeudi 2 juin 2016, 9h

Disciplining castes: Aggregating urban colonial Gujarati ruelbooks of Shia Khoja, the Christians and the Kumbhar dans le cadre du séminaire “Culture matérielle et pratiques dévotionnelles dans les sociétés chiites” de Michel Boivin, Zahir Bhalloo et Sepideh Parsapajouh
EHESS-CEIAS, salle 662 (6ème étage), 190-198 avenue de France, 75013 Paris

Jeudi 2 juin 2016, 13h

Translating the untranslatable: The printed transliteration of the Gujarati Quran in 19th century Ahmadabad dans le cadre du séminaire “Politique et autorité dans le soufisme contemporain” de Michel Boivin
EHESS-IISMM, salle de réunion (1er étage), 96 boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris

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