Appel à panels et communications : 14th EASA Biennal Conference : “Anthropological legacies and human futures”, Université de Milano-Bicocca, Milan, 20-23/07/2016 — LIMITES : Panels : 25/11/2015, Communications : 05/02/16

‘Anthropological legacies and human futures‘, the 14th EASA2016 biennial conference will be hosted by the Department of Human Science for Education ‘Riccardo Massa’ and Department of Sociology and Social Research at University of Milano-Bicocca (“Unimib”) located in Milan. Milan is the capital of Lombardia in Northern Italy. Being crossed by different cultures and civilizations over the centuries, Milan still keeps a dynamic and a vibrant character and is considered the main industrial, financial and commercial centre of Italy, a major national and international centre of the performing arts (most notably opera) as well as the fashion capital of the world (sorry, Paris).

The University of Milano-Bicocca is a new university, established in 1998. The campus stands on the northern edge of Milan, which was entirely occupied by the Pirelli industrial complex until the late 1980s. As a modern and spacious campus, it will be the perfect nest for academic discussions, but also visual programmes and the new experimental form of Laboratories that was initiated in Tallinn at EASA2014.

EASA2016 is delighted to announce that the keynote speaker in Milan will be Prof Didier Fassin.

Read the theme here, then propose a panel. The Call for Panels closes 25th November.

Silvia Vignato, Simone Ghezzi, Alice Bellagamba

Scientific committee
Alice Bellagamba, Simone Ghezzi, Alessandro Monsutti, Silvia Vignato (University of Milano-Bicocca); Thomas Hylland Eriksen (University of Oslo); Paolo Favero (University of Antwerp); Susana Matos Viegas (Universidade de Lisboa, ICS); Valeria Siniscalchi (Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, Marseille)

Local committee
Matteo Alcano, Silvia Barberani, Ivan Bargna, Alice Bellagamba, Antonio De Lauri, Ugo E.M. Fabietti, Roberto Malighetti, Claudia Mattalucci, Manuela Tassan, Mauro Van Aken, Silvia Vignato – all of Department of Human Science for Education ‘Riccardo Massa’ at University of Milano-Bicocca
Simone Ghezzi, Vincenzo Matera – of Department of Sociology and Social Research at University of Milano-Bicocca.

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