Coll., Journal of Religious and Political Practice, 2015, vol. 1, n° 1

journal religious and political








Editors’ Introduction  


Nation, Politics, Religion
Peter Van der Veer 

Practical Piety: Intimate Devotions in Urban Space
Michael Herzfeld

Christianity, Christianities, Christian
Gil Anidjar

Revival Ritual and the Mobilisation of Late-Modern Islamic Selves
Julia Day Howell

Unorthodox Fate: The Rise of Chile’s Christian Democratic Party
Yuri Contreras-Vejar  

In Conversation With

John Keane: Gods, Dogs, Empire, Democracy
Irfan Ahmad  

Review Articles

Patterns and Iconoclasm in Motion
Japp Timmer

On The State Of The (im) POSSIBLE: Notes On Hallaq’s Thesis
Irfan Ahmad

Rattling the Indological Cage: Fifty Years of Doniger
McComas Taylor

Editors’ Pick

Miracles of Book and Body: Buddhist Textual Culture & Medieval Japan
Charlotte Eubanks  

PK (Bollywood film)
Rajkumar Hirani

Fascinating Hindutva
Badri Narayan

Ranciere Now
Oliver Davis (editor)


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