Ostebo, Terje (dir.), Dossier “Salafism in Africa”, Islamic Africa, 2015, vol. 6, n° 1-2

Islamic africa



African Salafism: Religious Purity and the Politicization of Purity
Terje Østebø, pp 1 –29

Salafism(s) in Tanzania: Theological Roots and Political Subtext of the Ansār Sunna
Søren Gilsaa, pp 30 –59

Shifting Trajectories of Salafi/Ahl-Sunna Reformism in Ghana
Ousman Murzik Kobo, pp 60 –81

Irwo Sunnance yan-no! 1: Youth Claiming, Contesting and Transforming Salafism
Abdoulaye Sounaye, pp 82 –108

Nigeria’s Mainstream Salafis between Boko Haram and the State
Alex Thurston, pp 109 –134

Salafism in Somalia: Coping with Coercion, Civil War and its Own Contradictions
Roland Marchal and Zakaria M. Sheikh, pp 135 –163

Militant Salafism in Sudan
Einas Ahmed, pp 164 –184

The making of the Fondo Kaʿti archive: A Family collection in Timbuktu
Susana Molins Lliteras, pp 185 –191

Islamic Manuscript Collections in Ethiopia
Hassen Muhammad Kawo, pp 192 –200

The Dissolved Collection of Sheikh Aliy Hemed Abdallah al-Buhriy (1889–1957)
Ridder H. Samsom, pp 201 –208

The Riyadha Mosque Manuscript collection in Lamu, Kenya
Anne K. Bang, pp 209 –215

Book Reviews

Tolerance, Democracy, and Sufis in Senegal, edited by Diouf, Mamadou.
Ann Wainscott, pp 217 –219

Sharīʿa in Africa Today: Reactions and Responses, edited by John Chesworth and Franz Kogelmann
Caitlyn Bolton , pp 220 –223

The Walking Qurʾān: Islamic Education, Embodied Knowledge, and History in West Africa, written by Rudolph T. Ware III
David E. Skinner, pp 224 –226

Muslim Societies in Africa: A Historical Anthropology, written by Roman Loimeier
Ousman Murzik Kobo, pp 227 –229

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