Appel à communications : Conference “Islamophobia and Eroding Civil Society”, IREMMO, Paris, 11/12/2015 — LIMITE : 10/10/2015


UC Berkeley, Center for Race and Gender
Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project


The January 7th terrorist attacks in France have renewed the singular focus on the Muslim subject, as the contemporary other and the site of constructing an imagined, ideal, static and ahistorical French political, social and religious identity.  In this context, the attacks served to affirm Muslim otherness, difference and uncivilized characteristics while unleashing an avalanche of racist, essentialist and xenophobic attacks from all sides of the political spectrum.  Rather than viewing the attacks as the work of terrorists, the political leadership opted to problematize the Muslims, as a group, and sought to institute measures to restrict political and religious expressions and narrowing the scope of civil society for French Muslims.

Furthermore, the approval of the British Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill law and the extreme measures taken in France including the detention of Muslim children into police custody for interrogation and targeting modest modes of dress has eroded the already battered edifice of civil liberties.  We begin to see the descent into a “police state”. Islamophobia in France is now coming out with a force not only to justify and bring votes to extreme right parties but also to justify violation of civil rights and elimination of civil liberties. This affects not only Muslim citizens but in due time all citizens are effected. We would like to explore in this conference four panels that merit a careful attention in Western Europe today:

1)  The relationship between islamophobia and the erosion of citizenship rights.

2)  The relationship between islamophobia and the rise of the extreme right.

3)  The relationship between islamophobia and the emergence of “police state” structures.

4)  The relationship between islamophobia and Muslim self-internalized otherization in the context of living as targeted minorities.

Important dates

  • October 10th , 2015:  A 300 word abstract and a short bio in a paragraph form that is no more than 100 words.  Send the abstract to Dr. Hatem Bazian at
  • October 15th: Invited Papers will be informed
  • October 22nd: Response needed for accepting the invite to participate
  • December 1st: Papers are due for all participants.

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