Appel à communications : International Conference “The Heritage of Al-Andalus, Persia-Iberia”, Téhéran, 17-18/11/2015 — LIMITE : 02/10/2015

It is our pleasure to invite you to the international conference on The Heritage of Al-Andalus, Persia-Iberia to be hosted on November 17 -18, 2015, by the Department of Spanish Language, Faculty of Persian Literature and Foreign Languages, Allameh Tabatabai University, Tehran, Iran.
The conference addresses the issue of mutual Iranian-Iberian influences during the centuries. Relying on a rich heritage, both cultures are inheritors of two of the oldest legacies of humankind.
The international conference on The Heritage of Al-Andalus, Persia-Iberia encourages interdisciplinary intercultural research approaches aimed at finding out how, when and where the encounter between these two cultures has provided more fertile ground.
Prominent scholars in different fields of the humanities can contribute to this effort by presenting articles and participating in debates, dialogue among representatives of diversecultures being a necessary and un avoidable toll to achieving mutual understanding and cooperation.
We call on scholars and researchers in various academic fields around the world to participate in this collective effort. As the Planning Committee, we look forward to welcoming you to the conference.

Deadlines and Submission Procedure

Individuals willing to participate in the conference are invited to send their abstracts (maximum 300 words) along with CVs to the conference Secretariat via the conference email address:
Abstracts should clearly state the purpose and results of the work to be detailed in the final paper.
Abstracts and papers will be reviewed by members of an International Scientific Advisory Committee.
A selection of the best papers presented during the conference will be published in a collected volume. Only papers presented during the conference will be accepted for publication.
We encourage early submission of abstracts and papers to facilitate registration and travel arrangements.
Deadline for submission of abstracts: October 2, 2015.
Acceptance of the abstracts will be notified by: October 7, 2015.
Deadline for final paper submission:  November 1, 2015.

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