Colloque : « 70 years of textual production in Indonesia: Cultural Traditions informing Modern Productions » — Francfort-sur-le-Main, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main, 12-13/10/2015

In the light of the political and economic developments in Indonesia since independence and its position in a ‘globalizing world’, one of the motivations behind this conference is to explore how the cultural production in recent decades have channeled and adjusted global trends. To what extent have local traditions changed and how has the nation-state survived as an ‘imagined community’ despite the vehement of centrifugal forces and transnational tendencies brought about by the recent surge in globalization?

We invite scholars to submit proposals which address how Indonesian authors and other cultural agents produced their works of art, especially pieces of literature, by using and reworking narratives, images, concepts and ideas from an imagined past that was occupied by their (fore)fathers and mothers to reflect upon her/his surroundings contemporaneous with the time of producing. This seems to becoming increasingly relevant in connection to the globalization processes.

Proposals are sought that discuss cultural production from a contemporary perspective where cultural traditions are used and reinterpreted for the production of modern tales. Such an approach encompasses tales produced and performed in a variety of media reflecting on the times they were produced and harking back at textual and performance traditions of the past.

The analyses should depart from or focus on a ‘text’ or combination of ‘texts’, with which we refer to a combination of signs that invites ‘readers’ to make meaning of. Such a definition makes it possible to include analyses of cultural products outside of the strictly written literary category. We would welcome contributions that deal with cultural production crossing the boundaries of the media.

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Venue: University of Frankfurt (Main), Campus Westend

Campus Westend (Casino Gebäude and PEG Building) Grüneburgplatz 1 60323 Frankfurt am Main

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