Van der Valk, Ineke, Islam in der Lebenswelt Europa, Berlin, Lit Verlag, 2015, 160p.

The book presents a report about a form of racism that has increased all over Europe since more than a decade. Muslims and Islam have frequently been unfavourably portrayed at the heart of public debate. Manifestations of Islamophobia can be found on the Internet, in politics, in schools and in acts of discrimination and violence committed against mosques. Is the Netherlands the front line in the ‘clash of civilisations’, as has sometimes been claimed in the international arena? Or is it all about an exclusion mechanism? The report is based on a study of relevant literature, an analysis of documents, and surveys among secondary school teachers and administrators of mosques.

Ineke van der Valk is researcher at the University of Amsterdam. She has a broad background in the social sciences and discourse studies and specialises in ethnic diversity, racism and islamophobia.

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